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Nowruz Award for Abangaan NGO

Posted on Mar, 18, 2016
Contributed to WCHV by WCHV

AbanganlogoAbangaan NGO:   The recipient of “The Nowruz Prize” for the best civil society of the year 2016, in the category of “Natural Heritage”, for:

– Establishing itself as a non-governmental institution, dedicated to the preservation of natural heritage, environment, and especially water resources of Iran.
– Gathering a number of American- Canadian- and European-Iranian young activists working on the above subjects.
– Striving to elevate and expand public education on such subjects through setting up discussions among experts and professionals.
– Production of educational and informative videos on relevant subjects.

It is not a secret that there are grim and critical conditions for natural heritage in Iran There is also a continued intentional and non-intentional negligence of relevant authorities, who also block activist and NGOs to continue their work for the conservation of environment and national heritage. The situation has resulted in the formation of Abangaan NGO outside Iran by a number of experts and people who are interested in the field of environmental conservation and in bringing this subject to the attention of the public through optimal use of the available media.  Although this organization is less than one year old, the members of this NGO have excelled in their cause despite the lack of financial and technical facilities.
Within the span of last six months, Abangaan NGO has been able to interview more than 20 experts, researchers in the field of environment who come from academic, political, cultural and artistic walks of life. These interviews have been compiled in a number of 26 minutes videos and have been broadcasted in Ofogh-e-Iran TV programs and later posted on the internet. Being of educational and analytical benefits, the videos have already attracted a vast number of audiences from all over the world and especially from Iran.
Their excellent work so far deserves much appreciation.


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