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Vandalism at Tomb of Cyrus

Posted on Mar, 25, 2013
Contributed to WCHV by WCHV

pasargad-nowruz1392-viraniOn the first day of the Iranian New Year, as it has become customary over the last few years, thousands of Iranian people gathered at the tomb of Cyrus. This year in an act of vandalism, one suspect (or persons) threw a hand grenade into the Tomb.  This vicious act structurally damaged the 2500 years old tomb, which is one of the world’s unique Cultural Heritage sites.

Unfortunately, the police officers on site and in the vicinity did not respond to the incident.

For several years, Iran’s historical and cultural heritage dated before Islam has suffered negligence by the Iranian Islamic government.

Another location is Pasargadae, a unique complex of historical and archeological sites in danger of destruction.

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