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Reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs

Posted on Mar, 25, 2013
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The Kasubi Tombs in Kampala, Uganda, is the site of the burial grounds for four kabakas (kings of Buganda), and listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site.  In March 2010, fire destroyed a major part of the buildings. However, earlier this month, a little under two years later, UNESCO signed the Plan of Operation with the Government of Uganda for the project “Technical and financial assistance for the reconstruction of Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga, architectural masterpiece of the Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi, Uganda, World Heritage property in Danger”.  The project is generously being supported through the Japanese Funds-in-Trust. The project aims to set up an efficient risk prevention scheme at the site, with all necessary equipment and support for the cost of qualified supervision for the reconstruction of the destroyed roof. The proposal was prepared as a result of the missions conducted to the property by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the experts made available by the Government of Japan through the Japanese Funds-in-Trust for the Preservation of the World Cultural Heritage.   The site which was listed on the World Heritage List in 2001, includes four royal tombs within the Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga, the main building, which is a masterpiece of Ganda traditional architecture. 

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