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Nowruz Award for Mohammad Ali Inanloo

Posted on Mar, 18, 2016
Contributed to WCHV by WCHV

inanlo3The prize for the best filmmaker and artist of the year 2016, in the category of natural heritage and environment goes posthumously, to Mr. Mohammad Ali Inanloo who was an expert and producer of documentaries on environment and natural heritage of Iran and one of the pioneers of educating people on ecotourism, Mr. Inanloo’s activities also included the followings:
– Forty years of systematic activities in introducing the exceptional environment of his country, Iran  to his compatriots.
– Producing numerous TV programs that entailed his vast travels to many unknown corners of his country.
– Ceaseless enthusiasm to attract the attention of his audience to issues and problems inflicting Iranian natural heritage and environment.
–  Pioneering in setting up ecotourism classes with the aim of teaching the correct methods of enjoying and dealing with the environment.

Mr. Inanloo worked on Iranian nature and environment for 40 years. His perseverance and enthusiasm to introduce the subject and encourage the appreciation of nature was unsurpassed. His travels in Iran covered 2 million kilometers, resulting in numerous documentaries, programs and articles. Although his activities were mostly centered in the government radio and TV, he never participated in anti-culture and anti-national programs and confined his cooperation to teaching and propagating his beloved subject of nature and environment.

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