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Japanese Christian Historical Sites

Posted on Feb, 8, 2013
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Two governors of the prefectures (states/provinces) of Nagasaki and Kumamoto located on Japan’s western island of Kyushu have asked the Japanese central government to submit recommendations to the UNESCO for 13 historical Christian sites to be listed as the World Heritage Sites.  Most of the sites are located in Nagasaki including the Oura Cathedral which is already recognized as a Japanese national treasure.  Nagasaki was actually the port of entry for Christian missionaries in Japan.  According to historical records, the Tokugawa shogunate imposed a ban on Christianity in 1614, forcing the Christians to go underground for a period of around 250 years. The Japanese Central government is currently considering the request. (http://japandailypress.com/christian-historical-sites-in-kyushu-proposed-as-world-heritage-sites-2522171)

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