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An Innovative New Way of Teaching Archeology

Posted on Apr, 16, 2013
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virtualProfessor Maurizio Forte of Duke University has managed to make archeology more interesting to many students who normally, perhaps, would not be taking archeology classes.  However, Forte’s new approach is now attracting new students with backgrounds in computer science, environmental sciences as well as arts and architecture.  Using satellite photos and high-tech imaging technology Forte and his class take a look at the remains of a Roman villa hidden below ground. Using this remote data, students are creating a virtual replica of the building.

Forte and his class work in an Immersive Virtual Environment facility where they can examine virtual ruins in Turkey, China, Italy and elsewhere. This way, they can virtually bring ancient civilizations back to life, and simulate them with an unusual level of detail and accuracy but at the same time making the distinction between re-creating the site/community and simulating it.  Forte and his students apply their knowledge of these ancient places and peoples while learning more about the design as well as how people lived.

Professor Forte believes that technology used in innovative ways can be a catalyst for new ideas and by combining the talents of people with different backgrounds and approaches it is possible to share knowledge and take a different approach to teaching archeology.

With permission from PastHorizons.

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