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Nowruz Award for Natural Heritage: Dideban-e-Hoghough-e-Heivanat (The Animal Rights Watch)

Posted on Mar, 18, 2015
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ARW“Dideban-e-Hoghough-e-Heivanat” (The Animal Rights Watch), an Iranian non-governmental organization receives the Nowruz Award for the best N.G.O in the natural heritage category, for:
– its continual and constant support of the rights of animals as an important part of the natural heritage of Iran.
– Introducing the Animal Rights Project and establishing it as a serious subject both in media and Environmental circles.
– Endeavoring to elevate the public knowledge of the animal kingdom.
– Showing the ugly face of mistreatment, and abuse of animals.
– Introducing a special day for “Preventing cruelty against animals” as well as appreciating the works of the animal supporters
– Initiating several campaigns for saving the animals and preventing their extinction.
Against the alarming condition of cultural heritage and the environment of Iran, due to negligence of the relevant authorities, as well as the majority of uneducated people, one can seldom find individuals and organizations which are forcefully active in preservation of the natural heritage in Iran.
“Dideban-e-Hoghough-e-Heivanat” (The Animal Rights Watch) is such an organization that has been set up by some compassionate youth. Although it is an entity with only 5 years of work, it has been successful in implementing works that the large governmental environmental departments have been unable to do during many decades.
Reports, photos and videos produced by this organization show the dire condition of animals in Iran over many years. From household animals to those in the wild, from birds to fish, to rare species, one can see the miserable and deplorable conditions created by either ignorant or greedy people who torture and slaughter the animals.
The unfortunate fact is that such atrocities take place in a country where the thousands-years-old traditions, culture and religions dictated the welfare of the animals and plants.
This organization not only is the carrier of those ancient qualities and practices, it also is the representative of modern thoughts and practices required for protection of animal rights.
A glance at what it has done in a short period of time would demonstrates why it is worthy of receiving the Nowruz Award.

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