World Heritage Video Links

Interesting videos about Cultural and Natural Heritage:

Happy Chaharshanbe Souri 2016

Akılla bir konuşmam oldu (Album: İlk Şarkılar – Fazil Say)

Nowruz 1394

The paradox that is Persia: Abbas Milani at TEDxStanford

WCHV 2014 – Evident and Hidden Wars Against Cultural Heritage of Nations

WCHV 2014 – A Goddess in Danger

WCHV 2014 – Behind Such Beauty

Davos 2014 – Crystal Awards



Sun Dance: A Video by Lila Ghobadi

Dick Davis talks about bringing the poet Hafez to the West.

Neil MacGregor: 2600 years of history in one object.

Lost Worlds – Persepolis

TENCERE TAVA HAVASI (Sound of Pots and Pans) / Kardeş Türküler

CNN Segment with Christiane Amanpour on the Cyrus Cylinder