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Pink Lake Turned Into a Vast Salt Desert

Posted on Aug, 24, 2015
Contributed to WCHV by Roshan Hedayati

Including 3 new pictures of  Maharloo (August 2015)
by Farzad Arian.

Maharlo-farzad-aryan1“Maharloo” or “Pink lake”, located 27 kilometers southeast of Shiraz, Iran, and considered as a beautiful salt lake that was flourishing with abundance volume of water just a few years ago has now have completely dried up and turned into a vast salt desert. Experts contribute this situation to the plan-less use of underground water resources and un-regulated building of dams over the rivers that use to end in the lake. Unfortunately, Maharloo is only one of the last additions to a long list of rivers and lakes that have died or are dying due to such careless exercises.

Maharloo, photographed in 2011


Maharloo, August 2015

 Maharlo-farzad-aryan3 Maharlo-farzad-aryan2

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