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Pasargad Foundation Awards “Personality of the Year”

Posted on Mar, 19, 2013
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The Pasargad Heritage Foundation Presents:

The Nowruz Award March 21, 2013.
This press release has been published by the Pasargad Hertage Foundation to the Personalities of the Year for their vision and efforts to preserve the national, cultural, historical, and natural heritage of Iran that also belongs to all humanity.


Esmail Kahrom

kahrom-esmailThe Personality of the Year 2012, for “Preservation of Environment and Natural Heritage”

Dr. Esmail Kahrom is a ecologist and an expert in natural heritage and environmental issues.He is chosen as the Personality of the Year 2012 in relation to:
– His  never-ending efforts for preservation of Iranian natural heritage and environment for many decades.
– His timely and non-opportunistic warnings about the endangerment of such heritage.
– His courageous encounters with the violators of natural and environmental heritage.
– His intelligent and scientific view of nature and its significance in human lives.
– His creative and compelling body of work in the field of a new and attractive literature in relation to the environment and the natural heritage that has inspired others with a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm.

Aligholi M. Bakhtiari


The Personality of the Year 2012, in the field of “Cultural and Historical Heritage.

Dr. Aligholi Mahmoudi Bakhtiari is a historian, Iranologist, and an expert in ancient languages.

He is chosen as the personality of the year 2012 in relation to:

– His tireless efforts for preservation of Iranian intangible heritage for many decades.

– His extensive and vast studies in different fields of Iranian history, literature and mysticism.

– His teachings at  Iranian universities and other universities across the world on Iranian history and literature.

– His voluntary teaching and free classes for young people with the purpose of creating enthusiasm for learning about Iranian history and culture in them and encouraging the preservation of Iranian national treasures.

– His authorship and publication of a collection of outstanding books that are considered an  invaluable source for Iranian studies.

Diploma ….



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