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Newly Inscribed Sites: UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Posted on Jun, 30, 2014
Contributed to WCHV by Danielle

bolgarEarlier this month, on June 15th, 2014, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee met in Qatar and accepted application by several countries to have their national heritage sites to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

It has been said that to explore a site on the list, is exploring outstanding universal values. These are locations which have witnessed and experienced human history, tradition and lives. There are today more than 1,000 sites to visit all over the world.

The recent additions include:

  • Bolgar Historical and Archeological Complex, Russian Federation,
  • Bursa and Cumalikizik, Turkey, the Birth Place of the Ottoman Empire
  • Carolingian Westwork and Civitas Corvey, Germany
  • Caves of Maresha and Bet-Guvrin in the Judean Lowlands, Israel
  • Decorated cave of Pont d’Arc, limestone plateau of the Ardeche River France
  • Erbil Citadel, Iraq
  • Historic Jeddah, the Gate to Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Monumental Earthworks of Poverty Point, USA
  • Namhansanseong, Republic of Korea
  • Palestine: Land of Olives and Vines –Southern Jerusalem, Battir, Palestine
  • Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape, Turkey
  • Precolumbian Chiefdom settlements with stone spheres of the Diquis, Costa Rica
  • Pye Ancient Cities, Myanmar
  • Qhapaq Nan, Andean Road System in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile,Columbia, Equador, Peru
  • Rani-ki-Vav (the Queen’s Stepwall) at Patan, Gujarat, India
  • Shahr- I Sokhta (the Burnt City), emergence of first complex societies, Iran
  • Silk Roads, the Routes Network of Chan-an0 Tianshan Corridor, China, Kazakhstan
  • The Grand Canal, China
  • The Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont, Lange-Roero and Monferrato, Italy
  • Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Sites, Japan
  • Van Nellefabrick, Netherlands

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