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Moral Courage in Environmental Preservation

Posted on May, 29, 2013
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naser karamiIn the recent years, because of the activities and efforts of experts and professionals, many young and educated individuals have started paying more attention to natural and cultural heritage.

While there are activities before the national elections in Iran, the candidates, because of drawing attention from the electorate, are including topics on the natural and cultural heritage in their speeches. In the last few days, three of the candidates have asked Nasser Karami to write speeches on the environmental issues.  Dr. Nasser Karami is one of the Iranian experts in natural heritage and the director of an independent non-governmental broadcasting agency in Iran. Karami has declined the invitation of these candidates and has stated some reasons which include the followings:

–         Caring for the environment does not require any technical knowledge. It needs, above all, moral courage. It is like being honorable or truthful or courageous. You either have these traits or not. If you lack it you cannot posses it by a declaration.

–         For a President, caring for the environment should demonstrate itself within a grand scheme based on concepts such as sustainable development and considering the multiplicity of life – not only in the ecological sense but within the context of human concepts and values, certain economic plans and how such endeavors are related to the ecological potential of the country. Otherwise, everyone knows that you should not trample the grass and clip the flowers.

From: www.savepasargad.com

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