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Historical School on the Verge of Destruction

Posted on Jun, 10, 2015
Contributed to WCHV by Amir Kafi

sepahsalar-5Sepahsalar School is one of the most majestic and eye-catching historical buildings in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It is a 135 year-old School, design to reflect the wonders of Grand School and Chahr-Bagh School of Isfahan, as well as the Sofia School of Istanbul.  Built by the architects of Qajar period, it was listed on the Register of National Buildings 25 years before the Revolution of 1978.

The construction of a trade center adjacent to the School has put this building on the verge of destruction. The excavation of the soil and scraping the external walls of the school has rendered the building in a dire situation. The height of trade center building is two meters above the top of the School disturbing its traditional line of sight.

According to official news agency of IRI (ISNA), in reference to his actions to stop the project, the manger of the Sepahsalar Theological School has stated: “I have informed the Tehran Municipality and the Cultural Heritage Organization about the situation. They have visited the site and although everything shows that the operations are illegal, no action has been taken”.

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