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Happy Anniversary to the “Committee” that Saved Pasargad

Posted on Aug, 28, 2013
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tazahorat-sad-sivandPasargad is a UNESCO recognized historical world heritage site. The Pasargad complex contains the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great, the founder and the ruler of the Persian Empire. The decree of the Cyrus’s Cylinder was issued by the Persian Emperor, which has been recognized by the United Nations as the first Human Rights Charter.

In August 2004, Pasargad complex and the adjacent historical sites were endangered due jonbesh-farhangi1to construction of a nearby dam. In response, thousands of individuals including many artists, writer, intellectuals and human right activist from all over the world, initiated the creation of The Committee for Saving Pasargad. The Committee was successful in slowing the completion of the dam with the help of many supporters of the committee, thus saving many important sites including the Pasargad complex. However, the Bolaghi Gorge and its adjacent plain which was the site of ancient factories, palaces and houses, together with many artifacts were submerged and destroyed. 

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