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Employees and Reporters are Threatened in Turkey

Posted on Jul, 31, 2013
Contributed to WCHV by WCHV

turkeyAccording to an article published in the German magazine, Speigle, after the calming down of demonstrations against the Gezi Park project in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey, the government has embarked on a revenge and retaliation program. One of the targets is Typhon Kahraman, a leader of Gezi park protests who is an employee of the Ministry of Culture and works in the Section for Preservation of Cultural heritage of the country. He was one of the leaders elected to act as the representative of the protest movement in a meeting with the prime minister of Turkey. He was recently sent to one of the branches of the ministry near the border of Syria, more than a thousand miles from Istanbul where he used to reside and work. He has also claimed that his life has been threatened by the supporters of the prime minister. There are many other employees of the cultural heritage section who have also faced this kind of retaliation, and are greatly threatened in Turkey.

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