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The Dire Condition of Animals in Iran

Posted on May, 6, 2014
Contributed to WCHV by Amir Kafi

Loin-gheshm3Many species of animals are in ominous and dire condition in Iran due to lack of proper training and education in preservation of environment and protection of animals. In addition, because of irresponsible attitude of the government authorities, no measures and restrictions have been taken in order to change the conditions. Even in zoos across the country, animals endure very though conditions and have no security, living in conditions comparable to the dark-ages.

The following photos show 30 African lions being kept in a small cage. The location is a circus in Gheshm Island in the south of Iran as well as a bear kept in Babolsar zoo in the north of the country.


2 thoughts on “The Dire Condition of Animals in Iran

  1. i will post this in peta and after it will be world wide known

    somebody should say to this barbaric government that you cant even take care of your own people what **** you want to have a zoo and keep animal for and torture animals

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