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Chinese archaeologists unearth 2,800-year old tombs

Posted on Jan, 22, 2015
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china-old-tombsAs reported by several news outlets, a team of Chinese archeologists have discovered a tomb believed to date back 2,800 years ago. The set of elaborate tombs surrounded by 28 chariots and 98 horses in the province of Hubei in China is an incredible discovery dates back to a time when high-ranking nobles demonstrated their power and strength through the ownership and display of horse-led chariots.

The researchers unearthed 30 elite tombs of various sizes in the city of Zaoyang. Researchers believe that the tombs date back to what is known as the Summer and Autumn Period in Chinese history (770 – 476 BC), which corresponds roughly to the first half of the Eastern Zhou dynasty. This period in Chinese history was characterized by the creation of powerful states and the birth of a wealthy merchant class as reported by ancient-origins. Researchers know that during that period a noble’s power was demonstrated through the number of chariots he owned.

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