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Bribing for Destruction of Cultural Sites

Posted on May, 26, 2015
Contributed to WCHV by Amir Kafi

choghamish1 choghamish5jpg IRNA, the official news agency of Islamic Republic of Iran, has published a report on the illegal actions of two employees of Cultural Heritage Organization who have authorized the destruction of Choghā Mīsh site, in Khuzestan in western Iran, by accepting bribes. The amount accepted is a sum of $700,000.00. IRNA reports that both of the employees have been dismissed from their jobs without any further legal action. Choghā Mīsh is an ancient site in Iran, with at least 8000 years of history which is believed to be the first place where writing has been invented. The remains of an ancient city made of baked mud bricks, supposed to be as old as the age of first writings, was scattered through the site that has been demolished.

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