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Ancient Church Found in Denizli, Turkey

Posted on Aug, 14, 2013
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As recently reported by Anadolu Agency, a church which is believed to date back 1,500 years was discovered in the ancient city of Tripolis in the Aegean province of Denizli’s Buldan district.


Pamukkale University has been working on the archaeological excavations over the last two years. The university is located in the Lycian city of Tripolis, which was located at the junction point of Phrygia, Karia and Lydia in the Hellenistic period. The city was surrounded with walls in the early Roman period.

In fact, one of the most intriguing facts is that the georadar technology which is now used in many archeological excavations, revealed a marketplace in good condition last year. Then earlier this year during excavations next to the marketplace, the church was found. The church which is in good condition except for the roof, has been cleaned and its roof will be covered with wooden materials ( just like the original roof) before being opened to visitors and tourists

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