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An on-going intentional negligence

Posted on Dec, 19, 2012
Contributed to WCHV by WCHV

An official report by the IRI Cultural Heritage News Agency clearly shows that there is an intentional policy not to pay any attention to the ancient sites belonging to the pre-Islamic era of Iranian history. It has been almost three decades since the Islamic Revolution of 1978 and such sites have been left to natural wear and tear and human-caused destruction mostly by religious zealots and un-scientific operations under the banner of “development”.
Every year, by the arrival of winter, Persepolis, the most important and worldly-known ancient sites of Iran, as well as other outstanding sites, suffer from more natural and human-caused destruction. The unprotected stone structures are exposed to rain and snow and many of them clearly show signs of fatigue and obliteration.
The report emphasizes that, against all the protests and advice of the experts, and after 33 years of Persepolis having been registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, nothing has been done to stop the deterioration of the structure. The same situation applies to Pasargad, the capital of Cyrus the Great and where his mausoleum is situated. This site was recognized as a World Heritage site 8 years ago and it has been exactly during this time-frame that a dam has been erected and operational near the site, with its obvious consequences.
The two ancient sites used to be a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world before the Islamic revolution. But since then, all tourist facilities are removed and even those who go for a visit despite the harsh political treatments find no usable facility.


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