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A historical palace was sold for a nominal price

Posted on May, 4, 2017
Contributed to WCHV by Roshan Hedayati

Amongst the turmoil of the presidential election in the Islamic Republic of Iran, The Motazefan Foundation, a government-related entity, has recently sold the “Gach-sar Palace” to one of the regime’s insiders for a mere price of about $300,000. Experts put a much higher price on the property and believe that a historical landmark has been sold out by the Islamic functionaries.

The historic “Gach-sar Palace” belonged to Reza Shah Pahlavi and was registered under #6575, as a national monument and, thus, was owned by the Iranian nation and no one could sell it as a private property.

Gach-sar Palace,” with its fine and unique architecture and ornamented plaster work was built in 1938 together with the first important railroad Tunnel of Iran in Kandovan region and Reza Shah, spending ample time there, used it as a surveillance station, overseeing the construction of the tunnel.

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