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73 Million Year Old Fossil Discovered

Posted on Dec, 31, 2012
Contributed to WCHV by Runak Gravandi

runak-gravandiAccording to a report from Azad University of Kermanshah, Runak Gravandi, a doctorate student and a member of geology department, has succeeded in discovering a kind of 73-million-year old fossil, in the neighborhood of Kermanshah (Western part of Iran)

Runak Gravandi, while commenting on her discovery, said, “ While executing scientific research in the areas near Kermanshah I discovered a few sample of coral fossils, as well as some non-coral ones.” She acknowledged, “In order to validate this discovery, I contacted Professor Mohammad al-Jamil, a famous geologist at Cairo University. After examining the samples and the relevancy of information about them, he agreed that the fossils are 73 million years showing that Kermanshah was a part of a shallow see during that period.”

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