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Lost and Trashed Ancient Tablets



Translated by WCHV

According to several news networks in Iran, two ancient heritage tablet dated back to the Sassanian period are in danger of being destroyed. The two inscriptions on the ancient tablets show the Sassanid king in his hunting grounds and shed light on the hunting rituals of the time. Heritage experts believe that the inscriptions have invaluable linguistics, historical, and anthropological significance.

The recent reports from Iran show that these priceless ancient tablets were found abandoned and dumped among piles of rubbish with no protection from the elements. In addition, these tablets are now in danger, vulnerable and could be taken by people who have no knowledge of ancient heritage. Threats to national heritage artifacts have been widely ignored in many places in Iran. About six years ago, thieves trying to steal some artifacts set up explosives at a site which fortunately did not create much damage.


Compulsory Teaching of Islamic Rules to Foreign Tourists in Iran


Amozesh be tourist haa yeThe Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Cultural Heritage Administration of Iran have been commissioned to start teaching Islamic rules to foreign tourists traveling to Iran.

According to the official website of Islamic Republic of Iran, quoting from their dedicated site on Religions and denominations, this decision was ratified by a joint commission of Islamic Parliament’s committee of Law and Culture on August 2, 2014.

According to this decision, Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization, Ministry of Islamic Guidance and all other relevant departments have been commissioned to educate the foreign tourists who travel to Iran about Islamic laws and regulations.

The spokesperson for this joint commission has also mentioned that the decision includes the formation of a special branch to oversee all the breaches of this regulation as well as any other offence related to the Islamic rules.