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New Important Archeological Discovery in Iran


banaye-tazeh-az-zaman-kourosh2At about the same time as many celebrated the Day of Cyrus the Great, Iranian and Italian archaeologists announced a major discovery in the Fars Province of Iran near the site of Persepolis.

According to the archaeologists, they have found what seems to be remains of a Babylonian temple with widespread use of decorated glazed clay bricks, colored motifs and frescos, and symbols of gods.  Many symbols pertaining to the God Marduk of the city of Babylon are adorned with 16 full lotus flowers.  Archeologists also believe that the temple most probably was built during the Cyrus reign.

It should be noted that Cyrus conquered Babylon in 539 BC and declared his decree of human rights and religion. He also freed the  enslaved Jews. So therefore, it is quite possible that after this time Babylonians built more temples and Jewish migration to Iran started at that time.